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The Road Taken - A Memoir of Love and Revolution

by Magdolna Lakatos

Steve and I are sitting next to each other at the table in our library with an open photo album before us. Looking at the pictures, we talk in hushed tones about our childhoods in Hungary, the horrors we lived through during World War II, our high school and college years, the Communist regime, and the 1956 Revolution. So many stories; so many events—memories from two pasts come alive as we turn the album’s pages.

eddie and me

Eddie and Me
A Story of Two Teens

by Ken Ablatt

Here's a story about what Eddie and me got time to do this summer. We didn’t start taking jobs ‘til late summer and now school has taken up. That keeps us some busy, except on weekends, and on weekends we don’t plan to be busy doing work.


If things go right next summer, Eddie and me are going to get ourselves organized as regular businessmen and put out our resume on what we’ve done before and what we are willing to do now. Then, when we get some saved up we’ll retire for the year and go spend what we made.

Kriegie Memories book cover

Kriegie Memories

by Ben H. Phelper

In my private nook in barrack 37A, Stalag 17B, I ate, slept, spent my time drawing and carried on as a prisoner of war, or should I say "Luftgangster No. 113204",  near Vienna, Austria during World War II.

Many of my pictures did not come out well due to seawater, length of time before developing and poor wrapping. In fact, those taken inside the barracks did not come out at all. I have drawn a few illustrations of the bunks so you can see what they were like.

Yards byJoel Landon Waterfield

by Joel Landon Waterfield

A collection of memories and snapshots that chronicles a time when life was more innocent, in a small port town called Portsmouth, Virginia

Mysteriously Connected book cover

Mysteriously Connected
by Dina De Felippe

An intriguing memoir of a girl from a small Italian town and her journey to America, with a new husband and family.


That's My Story - The Autobiography of An Unknown Citizen
by Reverend Bennie Leroy Butts, Sr.

* No information available at this time.

Here to There And Back book cover

From Here to There and Back
by Ann Daughtrey Jones

PART TWO – Northward
We traveled north. It was getting late. We needed to rest our heads…


Give Me My Spirit Back - The Last of The Buffalo Soldier
by Cecil Ward White, Major, US Army, Retired

* No information available at this time.

Been Through the Storms book cover

Been Through the Storms
by Annie J. Smith

Life is not a bed of roses. It has some thorns and briers, yet we endure and continue striving for success. Dad always reminded us by singing “There’s a Bright Side Somewhere.” There is a bright side to life. Seek it.

Mixed Bag book cover

Mixed Bag
by Kenneth Ablatt

Just as the title implies, this book is a compilation of things pulled from my files, organized, then placed in categories to give the product some semblance of order. “Mixed Bag” is a sequel to an earlier eclectic gathering titled “Slices of Life.”  In several instances I borrowed pertinent segments from that book to add substance to this one.

In that earlier effort was a Part entitled “Verse and Worse” which was the repository for poetry.  In this book, the poetry is blended with the Part topic it supports. This effort came about when I surveyed both my paper and electronic files with intent to reduce bulk.  I saved these pieces because they remain of interest to me and, now, I hope some of them will be of interest to you.

Apron Strings book cover

Apron Strings
by Kate W. Anderson

Of the more than 300 writings that were left by Mother, these were the ones that spoke of her connection to family and friends....As wife, mother, and Grandma Kate, she cherished family and was able to make poetically meaningful her own life and the experiences of those she loved. She saw early a “pattern of rhythms” for herself and successfully captured it for later generations. The earliest of the works presented here was written at age eighteen and the latest at age eighty-eight - seventy years of writing about the people that she held close in heart if not always close at home. For her family, the apron strings were always there literally and figuratively to pull us closer together.


my sea, my life book cover


My Sea, My Life
by Michael G. Razos

I grew up on an island- My bond with the sea started from day one. Surrounded by boats, fishing was my hobby from a very young age- I was told that when I was three years old I took a fishing pole and off’ i went fishing. A dog scared me and turned me back home


Outer Banks Memories book cover


Outer Banks Memories
by Allen and Patty Taylor

Our books are collections of memories we had on vacations and visits to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. You will find either Patty or myself wrote the stories separately. In some instances we wrote some stories together.



More Outer Banks Memories book cover


More Outer Banks Memories
by Allen and Patty Taylor

Many of the stories we hope you will find humorous and that all of them will be interesting. There are some historical facts thrown into some of these memories. We have such a big love for this unique and fragile land. Most likely, so do you since you have picked this book up! Perhaps you will learn something new about the Outer Banks or simply relate to these family vacations.




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