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Son Of Shaft (Family or Fami-Lie)

by Willie O. Wilkins

My Kinda Girl

In 1969, John Shaft was celebrating his son’s fifth birthday with his wife and daughter. After his family had gotten into their car, they were ambushed by gangsters wanting to get revenge on John, who was a very successful police detective at that time. John’s son looked one of the men straight in the eyes. John’s wife and daughter were killed in the attack, only John and his son survived. It is 30 years after the shooting, and through his police association, the son sees a younger picture of a high-ranking government official who looks exactly like the attacker he saw in 1969. A quick call to his father results in him finding out the truth about one of the men getting away. So John Shaft and his son use all their skills to try to get the last man who ruined their lives so many years ago.

To properly introduce a story of this nature, one must first establish the reason why we never heard of this son and why we are hearing about him now after all these years. A lot of people ask what inspired me to write this story.

It all started when I was a kid and heard the Son Of Shaft song back in the early 70s and thought it was the theme song to the movie. I watched TV commercials for two weeks, waiting to see one about the Son Of Shaft Movie. I remember telling a friend I couldn’t wait to see it. He told me The Son Of Shaft was not a movie, it was just a song.

Through the years I expected to see something on television or the big screen about the Son Of Shaft, but it never transpired. Then one day it dawned on me that perhaps it was meant for me to write the story all along.

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